Humour and Laughter Education (HALE) Program

Mark’s 2018 thesis was centred around a pilot study he conducted of his unique Humour and Laughter Education HALE Program. This study was the first of its kind to pilot an innovative educational and importantly ‘individualized program’ that combines the methodologies of humour therapy, laughter therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy into one educational model delivered to a client in receipt of mental health treatment. The intervention, which Mark designed, consists of 
5 one-hour private sessions, specifically aimed at reducing the participant’s baseline levels of stress, anxiety and depression, while also increasing their use of adaptive humour.  

The positive results for participants in the pilot study and lessons learnt continue to inform the ongoing research and development of the Humour and Laughter Education HALE Program to promote psychological well-being. Mark prides himself in the use of an Evidence Based Practice EBP approach to his mental health work, ensuring that his clients are given the best available information with the aim of gaining long lasting benefits from the program

There is no one size fits all solution to treating stress, anxiety, or depression, and that's why the Humour and Laughter Education HALE Program is all about the individual. We all need laughter in our lives, it can be a light amongst the darkness, and sometimes a little light can make all the difference.

For more information regarding the HALE PROGRAM contact: 

Mark McConville
The Laughter Clinic
 Email: mark.mcconville@alumni.griffithuni.edu.au

Mark McConville

Mark McConville   Mark McConville